How can you increase your profitability with a smart fridge?

Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increased demand for healthy eating. Alongside this, individuals are no longer willing to spend their limited time searching for healthy meals or settling for snacks from vending machines. To cater to this growing demand, you can opt for smart fridge technology powered by RFID.

Why should you choose RFID smart fridge technology for your business?

Smart fridges offer numerous advantages, consolidating quality, fresh, and diverse packaged meals in one area. By providing employees with a healthy and convenient kitchen, it significantly reduces the costly setup and production of a meal service. Additionally, it is ideal for hotels and other food services that want to sell food but don’t want to engage in room service. The smart fridge also fully complies with existing sanitary hygiene measures and laws.

Why should you choose Tazelika Buffet for RFID smart fridge technology?

Tazelika enables you to fully manage your smart fridge. It allows the company to enhance the value of its products by providing all necessary information about the products to its customers. Thus, it eliminates surprises for consumers since each product is accompanied by information on its contents, allergens, or nutritional values, which are easily accessible. Furthermore, the mobile application allows customers to save their credit or meal cards and enables them to make payments directly from their phones, with the smart fridge automatically opening after payment is made. Before confirming their choice, consumers can access all products in the fridge and any accompanying explanations about potential allergens. You can access all information about the smart fridge in real-time and directly communicate with your customers, informing them of the latest innovations and potential promotions. All of these features will directly contribute to your profitability.