Smart Fridges

A Futuristic Approach
to Freshness

Welcome to the future of convenience with our state-of-the-art smart fridges. Leading the way in innovation, our self-service fridges offer 24/7 access to fresh products, ensuring long-lasting freshness and reliability. These advanced fridges seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with daily needs, prioritizing freshness, convenience, and sustainability. Join us in stepping into a smarter, fresher future.

Smart Solutions


Bid farewell to outdated vending approaches and embrace innovative, cost-effective solutions. Our smart fridges offering advanced features to streamline process, enhance convenience while increasing profitability.

Heating Unit

Serve Delicious Hot Meals

Deliver restaurant-quality meals to your customers with our microwave heating unit. The unit recognizes the product and automatically adjusts the heating time based on the item. Additionally, your customers can monitor the entire heating process through a mobile application.

How it Works

Grab and Go
with 3 Steps

Customers scan the QR code to unlock the smart fridge and choose their desired food and drinks. The advanced sensors in the smart fridge automatically detect which items have been taken and deduct the cost from the user's selected payment method. This way, customers can quickly and easily enjoy their delicious meals.



1. Scan the QR code and start


2. Unlock the door and grab your meal


3. Pay with the app and complete

at Your Fingertips

Experience cutting-edge solutions for product variety, secure payments, and enhanced efficiency with our Smart Fridges.

Smart Fridges

Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to the most common questions about our self-service coffee machines. If you need more detailed information, feel free to contact our customer support team.

The Smart Fridge uses RFID technology, with each product having a unique tag read by sensors. These sensors track what is on the shelves, when items are purchased, which products are added or removed during restocking, and even how long a product has been on the shelf.

The Smart Fridge features adjustable shelves, allowing you to easily add and start selling your products, regardless of their size, without any limitations.

We want your brand and product to stand out. All design aspects of the Smart Fridge are customizable. Contact us for details.

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