Software Solutions

Software Services

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Customer Mobile App

Enhance your customer experience

Users can easily manage their transactions through our mobile application. The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows customers to browse products, check availability, and make purchases with just a few taps. With real-time notifications, users stay informed about their order status and receive alerts for special offers and discounts. Additionally, the app supports various payment methods, ensuring a secure and seamless shopping experience. Users can also track their purchase history and manage their loyalty points all in one place, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Web Management Console

Optimize your smart vending management

Our Web Management Console offers an intuitive platform to manage your smart vending operations efficiently. Access sales figures and reports, monitor your smart kiosks and coffee machines, and enhance customer retention with loyalty programs. Easily manage multiple branches, track member information, and analyze sales data. Stay informed with alerts for system issues and plan your supply logistics. Simplify and enhance your management capabilities for smooth and efficient operations.

Delivery Mobile App

Efficiently manage supply processes

Our Delivery Mobile App streamlines the management of your supply processes. This app allows you to efficiently manage the restocking of products in your kiosks and handle maintenance tasks such as cleaning coffee machines. With real-time tracking and notifications, you can ensure that your smart vending machines are always well-stocked and functioning optimally. Enhance your operational efficiency and maintain high service standards effortlessly with our user-friendly delivery app.

Desktop Reader

Streamline your operations

Our Desktop Software and Reader streamline the process of assigning and tracking RFID tags for products placed in kiosks. Utilizing desktop software and a reader, you can easily manage inventory by accurately tagging and monitoring each item. This helps you complete your smart vending operations with minimal errors and maximum efficiency.

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